Slight Change of Plan

I did say that when I was off, I would start writing a lot more, and would be publishing a lot of reviews. In that time, two things have happened, and that’s why this blog has stayed relatively dead.

Last Monday, I had an email from AltSounds, letting me know I had a place as an intern writer for them (I had been in contact with them for a few months). AltSounds have about 2800 likes on Facebook (This blog has 3), so they have a lot larger audience and I prioritise them over my own writing. You can see what I publish on Altsounds here.

The second thing to happen was an idea. Whilst driving to London last weekend, I decided I was going to set up an online magazine, written by teenagers, for teenagers. That was when Whippersnapper was born. I have a good team already, and we are looking at getting more writers. We will be launching as soon as possible, although we have yet to buy the domain. The magazine will have a lot of different content, not just music, so I will get a chance to write about other topics. I will still be writing reviews and news for the magazine. I will post a link once everything is in place.

I am sorry for more reasons for my lack of writing, but you’ll be able to find my work in other places, and I will try to update this blog with my progress.


Good News!

My exams are basically dealt with. I shall be off on holiday as of next week, and will free for about three months. Of course, I’ll only be able to write during gaps in my busy social life, so in the end, I’ll only be able to write for about 99.9% of that time. I have a massive list of albums to review, and more keep getting released each week. I shall try to get all of them written, but seeing as my list extends back a few months, I’m not sure how many I can do. I also have a Slow Club review to finish, I think that will be the next post I will publish.

Last night, I manage to write about 500 words on very little. I think it probably coincides with my internet being turned off. The blog post is here.