Peggy Sue: Indie? Folk? Or Just Pure Brilliance?

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I have not been at home, or at a laptop, thus I have not been able to write anything meaningful. I hope the following post makes up for my lack of commitment.

As the winter winds howl in my ears, and the cold rain fills the air with a blanket of icy needles, I put on some suitably wintry sounds. I’m not talking about that Christmas rubbish, admitted there is now some good stuff, but some atmospheric moody music that comes in the form of a band called Peggy Sue. They are a three-piece indie folk band from Brighton. They have released two albums but their most recent one, called Acrobats, is the only one I have heard. The album is slow-paced, with repetitive rhythms that are almost ritual-like. The way the vocals are harmonised creates quite a chilling effect, put these on top of the hypnotic music and you get the soundtrack to my winter.

The song below is called ‘Song & Dance’. It was not my first choice of song, but the ones that I would have liked to have posted were not on YouTube. I really like the guitar sound, and the beat makes you go into a kind of trance, swaying with the music. Enjoy it, and I may post a few Christmas songs over the next few days to get everyone in the festive spirit.