New Veronica Falls Song – My Heart Beats

Veronica Falls are one of my favourite bands. They released their debut self-titled album last year, and it was in my top albums of last year. Yesterday they posted a new song, called ‘My Heart Beats’, on Soundcloud. The album seems to be obsessed with death, but this new song seems cheery and rather joyous. If you are having some winter blues then Veronica Falls may have provided the perfect solution.


Album Review: Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls released their debut self-titled album in September. There is a clear 60s and 80s indie pop influence in their death-obsessed harmonics, and they don’t try to hide it. Almost all of the twelve songs feature death, from the romantics of ‘Found Love in a Graveyard’, to the suicide of ‘Beachy Head’. Putting the macabre aside, this is a brilliant album, with some killer vocals and great instrumentals. As I noted before, this is one of the best albums to be released in 2011.


Albums Of The Year 2011

I have finally got round to doing my albums of the year! I have given this a lot of thought, and it is a very hard task. I have listened to so many albums this year, lots of greatly anticipated albums, a few disappointments and some unexpected wonders. Overall, I think this was a very good year of music.

I could not bring myself to put them into a top ten, my taste changes slightly on a day-to-day basis, and what may be my favourite today could drop to third place in a few days. I have just selected some albums that I think I need to mention. I hope you agree with my choices, or you can at least see where I’m coming from.

Slow Club – Paradise

I had to mention this album. If I had to give it a rank there would be a large chance it would be at the top. This was the first Slow Club album I heard, and I was consumed with ecstasy straight away, it is such a great album. I normally judge an album by how many good songs there are on it, and whether the really good songs outweigh the bad songs. I can safely say that the really good songs outweigh the good songs, in other words: every song is amazing. This album is a must have, it has made 2011 a better year.

Chapel Club – Palace

Until a few months ago, I never gave this album much time. Then I saw Chapel Club at Latitude Festival and saw one of the best sets of my life, I’m only 15 but it is still quite an achievement. I have now made up any lost time with this album, yet again there is not a bad song on it. Chapel Club also earn extra brownie points because the lead singer, Lewis Bowman, commented on a post I wrote about them a couple of weeks ago.

Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak were the first band I wrote about on this blog. At that point I had only heard one song, Holy Holy, and I had not really thought about them being a possible candidate for my albums of the year. Then a few days ago the Christian/Western world experienced a yearly phenomena called Christmas and I emerged from this event with a copy of Wye Oak’s current album called Civilian. I have listened to it non-stop so far and I can now say that it is defiantly one of my favourite albums to be released this year.

Alessi’s Ark – Time Travel

I have a soft spot for Alessi. She is so sweet and is a genuinely nice person. Adding to this, the song ‘Time Travel’, the title track of the album, was actually written because of a party that she attended in my nearest town. These are not the only reasons for her appearing my top albums of 2011. Alessi also happens to be a very talented musician and a great song writer, and she has produced an album that is well worth a spot on this post.

Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls

This is another album that I received this Christmas, and another band that I have previously written about. To me, Veronica Falls are more like a choir than a band; all of the singing is perfectly harmonised, with each member of the band playing a part in the overall effect. They create a heavenly sound that is backed by a 60s and 80s influenced instrumental. The end product just happens to be a truly brilliant album.

Big Deal – Lights Out
(This Video Contains Strong Language)

I could use one word to describe this album, and that word would be beautiful, but I am not going to because this album deserves a longer description. It is a masterpiece, yet I haven’t seen it on one album of the year list. I can not put into words what this album can make you feel, but I can say that it is an awesome album that should be listened to by young and old, rich and poor, and all the other people in between. This album is a big deal, if you can pardon the pun.

That is my small selection of albums of the year. If you think I missed out anything then leave me a comment and I will explain my reasoning. I have put some of the other worthy albums that I did write about, either because they were not quite special enough or because I couldn’t think of what to write.

The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar
Feist – Metals
Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know
Summer Camp – Welcome to Condale
Cloud Control – Bliss Release
Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix
Real Estate – Days

and lots more

I probably won’t write a post tomorrow, so have a good New Year’s Eve and I will see you in 2012.

Good News and Good Music

Christmas has come and gone, over a month of preparation and shopping for 24 hours of gift giving and celebration. Not surprisingly I received numerous CDs, some I wanted or knew about, others I had never heard of. This means I now have a lot of albums to review. So far I have listened to:

Slow Club – Yeah So
Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls
Wye Oak – Civilian
Summer Camp – Welcome to Condale

There is also more that I haven’t listened to and can’t remember the names of. I will try to write reviews for them as soon as possible. As well as the reviews, I am starting to think about my albums of 2011 and I will write them out over the next week.

The good news is that I now don’t have people visiting, leaving me with much more time to listen to music and write words for you to read.

Veronica Falls: Worth Killing Yourself For

Before I start writing properly I just thought I should point out I am not encouraging you to kill yourself, the title just refers to the song that this post is about.

I recently stumbled upon a band called ‘Veronica Falls’ to find that the rest of the world had found them before me. This surprised me as I normally regard myself as having my finger on the pulse of indie music, and on a few times of high self confidence I thought I may be part of the pulse due to the amount of gigs I was going to and the amount of interviews I was doing, but it seems like on this occasion I had taken my finger off the pulse for a little bit. I am finding more and more that I may not actually know as much about new music as I had previously thought.

In the past I haven’t known anyone, apart from the rest of my family, who liked good indie music but now I have joined Twitter and I have been speaking to people who also like the music I like. I am so happy with all the bands I am being recommended but more and more I am thinking that I may not be quite as on the pulse I had previously thought. Now I have sworn to try and find good bands for myself before NME and the rest of the indie music media recommends them. This is quite a challenge seeing that I am still in school and have no means of transport. I also live in one of the least musical areas of the UK but that won’t stop me.

Back to the band, I have only had a proper listen to one song but they sound very good. The song that I am addicted to is called ‘Beachy Head’, a place well known for people ending their drab and miserable lives by jumping off the cliff. I am rather sure that this song would have made their lives better. It is a face paced guitar driven song with rather repetitive but catchy lyrics. They have a good harmony and all the four band members seem to do the harmonising resulting in a nicely layered song. This is then topped off by a beat you can tap your foot to and a good underlying snare drum sound. I just wonder how long I will be addicted to it for. Have a listen to the song and let me know what you think. I will try and find some new bands for next time.