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I will now attempt to write something deep and meaningful, I will probably end up sounding pretentious.

Music is often referred to as a drug; such a slogan is regularly written across t-shirts or other attire. I always have found this concept weird, so the ‘music = drug’ cliché has become one I don’t partially like. Yes, music is addictive and one can often feel like something is missing when going for a long time without it. Yet music can do little damage. One never reads of tragic stories like “A man’s life was ruined when he became addicted to reggae”, or “Teenager dies of dubstep overdose”. To me, music has nothing but positive implications; while I do think some music is rather unpleasant, it is never really harmful.

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Beauty Has A Voice: Lisa Mitchell

I believe that music carries more emotion than any other media form. There is one person that proves this to me the most: Lisa Mitchell. She is an Australian singer-songwriter, who came sixth in the 2006 Australian Idol; she is by far the best product of any talent contest. Her voice is probably one of the greatest I have ever heard. It is delicate and heart-wrenching, provoking emotion and raw feelings. I am not ashamed to say that her songs bring me closer to tears than any other music. Yet the tears could easily be tears of joy because she is awesome. Not in the way that I normally use the word awesome. Not just cool but god-like, unique and beautiful.

The two songs that are probably the most emotion filled are ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Valium’, both of them have been posted below. They are both very simple songs, with little musical backing, with just her voice doing the work. The lyrics are aimed directly at the heart, hitting you were music should hit you. They are not songs you can dance to, instead they are songs that you just sit down and listen to in awe.

Mainstream music is moving to a stage were vocals do not play an important part in the song, as in dubstep, or a lot of the time the lyrics are not that imaginative or tasteful, I mean who wants to hear about ‘ma bitches’, and this saddens me. Music is meant to be constructive and meaningful. If you do one thing this weekend, listen to some Lisa Mitchell, she is like a beacon of hope in an ever darkening world.