This Week’s New Band: Pale Seas

I am just taking a quick break from my revision to write this post. I am still writing up the Slow Club gig, I am struggling a bit, but I am pleased so far. I only have about two weeks of exams left, so I should be back to full-time writing soon.

This week’s new band is called Pale Seas. They are so good! I had to take a break from important revision to write about them. I first heard them only about thirty minutes ago. I nearly didn’t press play, but clicking that button was the best decision of today. I heard them on Flying With Anna, and since then have listened to all the songs I can find (that number is still only six, but I have listened to several versions of some).  You can download their current single (released on March 8th) ‘Something or Nothing’ with its B-side ‘Amour’ for free of their Facebook page.

Their music is dreamy folk, with magical, glorious harmonics.  I am in awe a little now. The music is so beautiful; the acoustic guitars, vocals, and other little twinkly sounds just combine into something amazing. They give me that feeling inside, the one that great music gives you, almost a feeling of euphoria.


This Week’s New Band – Alt-J ∆

I loathe the amount I have published recently and I know that I find myself apologising on every post. I am currently finding difficulties reviewing the albums I have set aside to write about. Hopefully, the new La Sera album, which comes out next week, shall kick my brain back into form.

This week’s new band is Alt-J ∆. They were supporting Wild Beasts when I saw them last Thursday. I wasn’t so sure of them at first, but I always have an element of doubt when listening to new music. Once I let myself submerge into the music, I found myself un-able to resist their hooks and addictive beats. They are the sort of band that makes dancing inevitable, even if you have never heard their music before.

At the moment, I can only find two songs to purchase online, as well as a few remixes of those tracks. ‘Matilda’ is the infectious single; it’s the type of song that embeds its self into your head, providing a soundtrack for the next few days. ‘Fitzpleasure’ is the other song off the EP. It echoes the sound of Django Django, with layered vocals and deep, bassy synths. Both songs are built upon an amazing drum beat, which sounds like a drum machine, but is all thanks to an incredible drummer.

This Week’s New Band: Elephant Parade

Yet again, I find myself apologising for a dire amount of writing. This week I have a valid reason: I had to revise for an exam. Luckily, the exam has been dealt with and I can get back to writing. That is until I think up another excuse to distract everyone from my writer’s block.

This week’s new band is called Elephant Parade. They are an indie-pop duo (Estelle and Ido) from New York and have been kicking around since 2005. I stumbled upon them while searching through Slow Club tracks on YouTube. The first song I heard was ‘Goodbye’; 1:33 minutes of simplistic beauty. Right from the start, I was entranced by the minimalist synths and Estelle’s delicate vocals. In most of the songs I have heard, their voices are almost a murmur; there is a peacefulness to them that is not normally found in the music I listen to.

This Week’s New Band: Born Blonde

I have started to clear the metaphorical pile of albums I need to review, but it seems to grow faster than I can write. I will probably only be able to write two posts a week from now on; I haven’t got much time to write due to school work and other boring commitments.

This week’s new band is called Born Blonde, they are a five-peice indie band from London and will be releasing their next single, ‘I Just Wanna Be’, next month. It is a combination of guitars and synths, with an addictive chorus and lyrics that get stuck in your head. I wasn’t massively keen on it when I first listened to it, but after I had listened to it a few times, I realised it was pretty great.

This Week’s New Band: Sweet Lights

This week, I have struggled to find a new band. One reason for this is because I have been listening to two albums continuously: the new Beth Jeans Houghton album and the new Sharon Van Etten album, both of which I gave 9/10 in my reviews. Another reason was that I haven’t actually looked for a new band, unlike last week where I spent the best part of two days trawling through songs trying to find something that fitted my picky taste. I ended up choosing Big Scary, spending another day listening to them almost non-stop. In the end, I picked Sweet Lights as this week’s new band.

I found out about Sweet Lights when I was sent a promo of their most recent single called ‘Endless Town’. Although at first I wasn’t sure that I liked them, they have grown on me a lot. Sweet Lights is the solo project of Shai Halperin, lead singer of The Capitol Years, though other people do play on his songs. The music sounds similar to The Go-Betweens, though I wouldn’t like to say I have listened to both of them enough to be sure.

From the few songs I have heard, Sweet Light seem to produce indie-pop music, with a wealth of sounds creating the songs. The single ‘Endless Town’ is a bright song with a slightly nostalgic tone, and it is hard to resist from tapping a foot along to the drum beat. I think, but am not sure, that there will be a debut album soon, and a tour to support it. I know that Sweet Lights will be playing ‘End of the Road’ festival, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they play more than one festival this summer.

This Week’s New Band: Big Scary

I am very sorry for the lack of posts recently; I am still at school and have had to put work before writing. I am in the process of writing new content that should be going up over the next few weeks. I also apologise for not doing a ‘This Week’s New Band’ post last week, I did start to write one, but it did not get finished in time so I just discarded it. I will try to be more reliable in the future and keep a steady stream of posts coming. Anyway, enough of me apologising and more music related scrawl.

The band that I found this week is called Big Scary. They are a duo from Melbourne and their music ranges from indie folk to a sort of garage rock. I first heard their song ‘The Apple Song’ last night and I quite liked it but wasn’t instantly won over. Then I listened to a few more songs and realised how amazing they are. They released their debut album, called Vacation, in Australia last year but it has not yet been released on iTunes so I am guessing it hasn’t been released in the UK either.

Big Scary’s music is generally indie pop though there are some rockier songs and some acoustic folk-sounding songs. I am not too keen on some songs, like ‘Tuesday is Rent Day’, but others, such as ‘Thinking About You’, are absolutely amazing. I think it is worth checking out the song ‘Microwave Pizza’ because, as well as being generally brilliant, it is the only song I have heard Jo Syme, the drummer, sing in and her voice is beautiful.

This Week’s New Band: San Cisco

Sorry for the shortage of posts recently, but I have been rather busy and haven’t had the time to write anything meaningful. Anyway, back to the music.

This week’s new band is San Cisco, a four-peice from Australia. I heard them on Thursday via YouTube and they remind me of Vampire Weekend or Givers. The first song I heard was ‘Awkward’, a catchy indie-pop song with sweet boy-girl vocals and a repetitive guitar line. The video is also pretty great; I am pretty obsessed with music videos at the moment.

San Cisco released an EP yesterday, with ‘Awkward’ as the title track, and it sounds really good. There is a nice cover of Arctic Monkey’s ‘505’ on it. I think my favourite song so far is ‘Reckless’, a quiet and atmospheric song, but I haven’t listened to them enough to be sure. They also released an EP last year, called The Golden Revolver, but I haven’t heard it yet.

If want to be insanely happy, or just want to prance around like an idiot, then stick on some San Cisco. ‘Rocket Ship’ and ‘Lover’ songs off ‘Awkward’ are probably the best to dance like a nutter to, and they should make you feel rather happy.