My name is Jacob, I’m 16, and I have plans in the future to be a music journalist of some sort and this is my practice. I have had a few blogs in the past but, so far, this has been the one that has succeeded.

I am a music fanatic and obsessive. I am also into photography and I have a radio show. I have some serious issues with dawdlers and people who are obsessed with gaming.

The music I listen to can be classed as indie or alternative most of the time, as well as some nu-folk sort of stuff. One of my all time favourite bands is Slow Club, though every week I find and listen to different bands.

I’m sorry for writing such a generic about page, but I do hate talking about myself.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Follow your dreams, for they will lead you to the most remarkable of places.
    Catch your dreams, for once they are out of your grasp they are gone forever.
    Lead your dreams, for dreams are simply “reality in waiting”. Namaste

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