This Week’s New Band – Alt-J ∆

I loathe the amount I have published recently and I know that I find myself apologising on every post. I am currently finding difficulties reviewing the albums I have set aside to write about. Hopefully, the new La Sera album, which comes out next week, shall kick my brain back into form.

This week’s new band is Alt-J ∆. They were supporting Wild Beasts when I saw them last Thursday. I wasn’t so sure of them at first, but I always have an element of doubt when listening to new music. Once I let myself submerge into the music, I found myself un-able to resist their hooks and addictive beats. They are the sort of band that makes dancing inevitable, even if you have never heard their music before.

At the moment, I can only find two songs to purchase online, as well as a few remixes of those tracks. ‘Matilda’ is the infectious single; it’s the type of song that embeds its self into your head, providing a soundtrack for the next few days. ‘Fitzpleasure’ is the other song off the EP. It echoes the sound of Django Django, with layered vocals and deep, bassy synths. Both songs are built upon an amazing drum beat, which sounds like a drum machine, but is all thanks to an incredible drummer.


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