This Week’s New Band: Sweet Lights

This week, I have struggled to find a new band. One reason for this is because I have been listening to two albums continuously: the new Beth Jeans Houghton album and the new Sharon Van Etten album, both of which I gave 9/10 in my reviews. Another reason was that I haven’t actually looked for a new band, unlike last week where I spent the best part of two days trawling through songs trying to find something that fitted my picky taste. I ended up choosing Big Scary, spending another day listening to them almost non-stop. In the end, I picked Sweet Lights as this week’s new band.

I found out about Sweet Lights when I was sent a promo of their most recent single called ‘Endless Town’. Although at first I wasn’t sure that I liked them, they have grown on me a lot. Sweet Lights is the solo project of Shai Halperin, lead singer of The Capitol Years, though other people do play on his songs. The music sounds similar to The Go-Betweens, though I wouldn’t like to say I have listened to both of them enough to be sure.

From the few songs I have heard, Sweet Light seem to produce indie-pop music, with a wealth of sounds creating the songs. The single ‘Endless Town’ is a bright song with a slightly nostalgic tone, and it is hard to resist from tapping a foot along to the drum beat. I think, but am not sure, that there will be a debut album soon, and a tour to support it. I know that Sweet Lights will be playing ‘End of the Road’ festival, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they play more than one festival this summer.


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