This Week’s New Band: San Cisco

Sorry for the shortage of posts recently, but I have been rather busy and haven’t had the time to write anything meaningful. Anyway, back to the music.

This week’s new band is San Cisco, a four-peice from Australia. I heard them on Thursday via YouTube and they remind me of Vampire Weekend or Givers. The first song I heard was ‘Awkward’, a catchy indie-pop song with sweet boy-girl vocals and a repetitive guitar line. The video is also pretty great; I am pretty obsessed with music videos at the moment.

San Cisco released an EP yesterday, with ‘Awkward’ as the title track, and it sounds really good. There is a nice cover of Arctic Monkey’s ‘505’ on it. I think my favourite song so far is ‘Reckless’, a quiet and atmospheric song, but I haven’t listened to them enough to be sure. They also released an EP last year, called The Golden Revolver, but I haven’t heard it yet.

If want to be insanely happy, or just want to prance around like an idiot, then stick on some San Cisco. ‘Rocket Ship’ and ‘Lover’ songs off ‘Awkward’ are probably the best to dance like a nutter to, and they should make you feel rather happy.


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