Two Bands I Wish Never Split Up: Cajun Dance Party and GoodBooks

Whenever I think of bands that I wish did not split up, I think of Cajun Dance Party and GoodBooks. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because they were both brilliant bands, or maybe because they seemed to split up without warning. I have been listening to both of them today. ‘No Joanna’ by CDP is such a beautiful song, and ‘Passchendaele’ by GoodBooks is also amazing. Actually, I haven’t heard a bad song by either band.

The remains of Cajun Dance Party went on to form Yuck, but they are still not the same. There was something about CDP being so young, just out of collage, full of energy and life. That soul of the band never carried through to Yuck. Don’t get me wrong, Yuck are a good band, but just not the same.

As with GoodBooks, I am not sure what has happened to them. They split up in 2009, but very little has risen from the ashes in that time. Apparently one of the band members has created a new band, but I know nothing more than that. I would very interested to know what the rest of them are doing, if anything.


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