This Week’s New Band: The Jezabels

As I have said before, it is bands new to me, not the rest of the world, as it seems like everyone has already heard of The Jezabels. I did hear about them a while ago, but only actually first listened to them today.

They are a four-piece from Sydney, and could be classed as indie pop maybe with some more rocky tones thrown in. From what I have heard, they sound very good. The lead singer, Hayley Mary, has a voice that carries a lot of power, the only person I can think to compare it her to is Florence Welch.

So far I have listened to a lot of their songs, but I couldn’t name many of them. I have downloaded the Dark Storm EP; and I really like ‘Mace Spray’ off of that. They are going to be releasing an album soon; you can pre-order it now.

I was first made aware of their existence last summer when I did an interview with Cloud Control and I asked them about good Australian bands. Since them I have seen their name mentioned a few times, yet for some reason I never invested time in listening to them. Then today I was trying to find a band to write about and I saw them on YouTube and decided I should listen to them. I am very glad I did.


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