Metronomy: I’m In Love Again

I haven’t been to any gigs so far this year and I’m a bit annoyed that I live in an area of very little good music. One of the next gigs I am going to go to is one of the dates of the NME Awards Tour. It is headlined by Two Door Cinema Club, then with Metronomy and Tribes also on the bill, I’m not that bothered about Azealia Banks. Because of this, I have been listening to Metronomy quite a lot recently, though I never gave ‘The English Riviera’ a proper listen when it first came out.

My favourite song is probably ‘Everything Goes My Way’, one of the few songs in which Anna Prior does the majority of the singing. She has a really good voice, and the song is slightly more subdued and less electro sounding than most of their other songs.

I first heard Metronomy on the TV ages ago; it was the video for ‘A Thing For Me’ that really got my attention. If you haven’t seen it, it basically is like karaoke, though the words are on people and objects, and a white ball comes out the sky and hits the people on the head, well sort of. I have put it below so you can watch it. Another video of theirs that is funny is the one for ‘Heartbreaker’, I can’t be bothered to explain it, so just go and find it.


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