This Week’s New Band: Gregory and The Hawk

I am now going to start doing a feature where I write about a band that I found out about each week. This could be a band that you have already heard about, and I was just late finding out about them, or you might not have heard of them. In other words: the bands are new to me, not the world.

To start off, I have chosen a band that I was recommended a few days ago, called Gregory and The Hawk. I say ‘band’, but it is actually just the solo project of Meredith Godreau, who chose the name to stop people from automatically pinning the tag of ‘singer-songwriter’ on her. I have heard a few of her songs, and I already really like her, I have bought the single ‘Ghost’ and have been listening to the two songs on that almost non-stop.

Godreau’s voice is almost child-like, not in a bad way, just innocent and blissful. I like her music as well, a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and some drums, together forming a great sound. The video for the song below is awesome. In total: all round good stuff.


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