Tokyo Police Club: The Two Albums That I Could Listen To Forever

If you have read my About page, you should know that I love Tokyo Police Club. I wrote a post about how much I love Slow Club a few days ago, but I love TPC just as much. Last year, I spent about three months listening to ‘Champ’ twice a day. Both of their most recent albums I can listen to non-stop without getting bored, and I’m always in the right mood to listen to them. They’re brilliant!

My love for Tokyo Police Club started at the end of 2010; ‘Champ’ had just been released and I couldn’t get enough of it. I had heard them before, but I never realised how good they were. I fell in love with them again a few months ago when I finally pulled out ‘Elephant Shell’, and, yet again, I listened to it about three times a day. They are writing material for a new album at the moment, and that also means a UK tour. That would make my year, if they release the album this year, and probably the majority of the next.

Choosing my favourite song would be a near-impossible task. I could tell you all the songs I really like, but I would just be handing you the track lists of their albums. To tell the truth, I would rather tell you which one of my parents I prefer.


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