Album Review: The Macabees – Given to the Wild

The Maccabees took a risk with their new album, they wrote songs individually and then combined them after a few months. The end result has polarized the music industry; NME gave the album 9/10, while Uncut gave it 2 stars. Is it an earlier contender for the album of the year or the first big disappointment?

Their risky decision could have paid off, instead they have created an album of cheap and tacky guitar pop with no guts and weak vocals. The songs lack hard gritty emotion and real drive, and at best they could be listened to for some thoughtless, meaningless entertainment. Saying this, not all the songs are cringe-worthy; ‘Ayla’ is okay and mildly enjoyable, as are a few others, but nothing outstanding. From the first song to the last, it is a bore. Given to the Wild is such a disappointment; The Maccabees have not really taken a risk, just resorted the bland and plain.



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