Slow Club: It’s Beautiful

Slow Club have to be one of my favourite bands ever: ‘Paradise’ was my favourite album of 2011, ‘Christmas TV’ is my favourite festive song, and ‘Yeah So?’ is one of my favourite albums of all times. I can’t say that about any other band. If I went on Desert Island Disks, Slow Club would be the first band I’d talk about. It is hard to say how much I love them.

I first heard Slow Club only a few months ago. When I first slotted Paradise into the CD player, I couldn’t have realised how much it would affect me. My taste has been shaped by them, I have met new people because of my love of them, and I have found great bands owing to my new attitude towards music. I probably would have never started this blog if I never found out about Slow Club.

Both Rebecca and Charles have beautiful voices, and they write amazing songs. In short: Slow Club create perfect music.


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