A Very {Insert Quirky Name Here} Christmas

Christmas is in a day! I have finally started to get in the spirit so I thought it was time to post some Christmas songs. Here is a selection of some tasteful Christmas songs:

She and Him – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This is a traditional Christmas song. She and Him are such a perfect duet and Zooey Deschanel is basically the Queen Of Christmas seeing that ‘Elf’ is now the classic festive film. She and Him released an album called: ‘A Very She and Him Christmas’ and it’s full of classic songs to get you in the spirit.

Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler – Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays is such a lovely song, and it was given away for free on iTunes last week! I wouldn’t have put Tim, the lead singer of Ash, and Emmy together but they are great as a duet. This song makes me really happy and the party in the video looks like a proper Christmas party without any arguments. They also released an album together, I never got it, but apparently it’s a very good album.

The Wombats – Is This Christmas?

You can trust The Wombats to put a negative spin on Christmas. I do love them but you’d think they would be happy for one time each year. This is still a good song and if you feel yourself getting too happy, if that’s even possible, you know what to listen to.

Orba Squara – What I Want For Christmas

I am in love with this song. It was also on a Sky Movies advert last year and so I always imagine Fantastic Mr Fox singing it. One small problem is the key change near the end. I don’t like key changes.

The Joy Formidable – My Beerdrunk Soul is Sadder than a Hundred Dead Trees

This is another song that may not be very traditional but The Joy Formidable are insanely good. They actually managed to make a Christmas song in a heavy indie rock sound, and it still sounds good. It doesn’t really add to the festive spirit though.

Slow Club – Christmas TV

Ahh, this is such a sweet song. I literally just heard it for the first time and as soon as I heard the first notes my jaw dropped in awe. I am amazed that the human voice can contain so much love, if only everyone can be like this. My life has just come closer to completion. I loved Slow Club before I heard it, I love life now. I left the best to the end.

Have a Merry Christmas and eat far too much. I may not get to post anything for a few days as I will have to socialize and show my face to the many people I have visiting. I will try to post some things though.


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