Eternal Summer With Beach Fossils

Winter is almost at its height, with the shortest day of the year in less than a week, so naturally I am listening to nice summery music. Beach Fossils are the band that makes me want to chill in the sun the most. They are an indie band from NYC and they released their debut self-titled album last year. It captures the sun and the joy and then blasts it out in the form of eleven addictive songs. To me, they sound like a better version of The Drums, with added soul.

They have a slightly retro influence, like the recording has been muffled by the sea air. The vocals are dreamy and hypnotic with a beat that can slow down the pace of life. They also remind me a bit of The Walkmen as both have that slightly off-beat guitar rhythm and an American sun-weathered sound. The music is quite repetitive, adding to the hypnotic effect, leaving you in a colourful daydream.

If you are getting the mid-winter blues, with the rain and wind getting you down, then go inside, put the heating on, and then stick on some Beach Fossil. All your problems will evaporate as soon as the musical sun beams touch your soul.


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