They’re Young, They’re British and They’re Artists, That’s Right They’re YBA.

Just now I was searching through my music for something to play. I have just broken up from school and I am now on holiday, so I am very happy. I accidentally put on a band called YBA, or Young British Artists, and then started to wonder why I don’t listen to them more often. They are a Manchester indie rock band, named after a British art movement that started in the late 80s.

I only have one of their EPs, Lived in Skin/Million Miles, and I’m not sure how I heard about them but I do really like them. The drumming is really good, the snare sounds insane and he seems to have about two sets of arms to be able to create the sound. Drumming is not something I normally pick up but YBA use the drums to full effect, not just to set the pace, but to create the beat, the soul and the heart of the sound.

They sound like a proper Manchester indie band, showing that the music scene is still thriving. I am listening to them on repeat and on full volume, I am in awe. They’re incredible. The music is so powerful, and the singer’s voice doesn’t annoy me, which is a very good thing.


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