How To Woo A Girl, Step One: Allo Darlin’

No, this is not a post on chat up lines, neither have I strayed off the music path. The title is just another rubbish attempt at being comical and relevant. It seems like every post I have to explain what the title is about before I get started, maybe next time I will find a good one.

This post is about a band called Allo Darlin’, one of the best band names ever. Whenever I say their name, I say it in a heavy London accent, like I’m a forty-year old man trying to chat up a girl half his age, I make myself laugh. I have only properly heard one of their songs, called ‘The Polaroid Song’, so I wouldn’t count myself as an expert on them. I do listen to that one song a lot though. It is so happy, and amazing to dance to! It is sort of about nostalgia, going back to the days when everyone was happy and all was good with the world. I think anyway, I’m not the one who wrote it. It is quite simple, easy to remember and incredibly catchy, like a flu that makes you tap your foot and become a better person.

I like the lyrics as well. They just add to the joy of the song. The chorus goes something like:

Feel like dancing on my own
To a record that I do not know
In a place I’ve never seen before

They basically sum up my life dreams; I am slightly in love with this song. If there was one thing I would change, I would remove the flute. It is just a personal preference, and I do think the flute adds something, but I just find flutes a little annoying. Saying this, I still really like this song, I have been listening to it on repeat whilst writing and I haven’t got the slightest bit bored, evidence of something great.


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