Chapel Club: The Thoughts of A Religious Fan

Sorry for the cheesy and frankly rubbish title, I just ran out of good title names. As you may have guessed, the most recent band I have fallen for is Chapel Club. The word ‘addiction’ can be used more frequently than a cheap gag, yet it is such a powerful description. Many music lovers may also view music as a drug, energizing yet emotion filled at the same time, a bolt of electricity as well as your most fragile feelings. Music truly is incredible.

Chapel Club seem to have something special, a rare mixture of a heavy rhythm with some soft vocals. Lewis Bowman, the front-man, has a voice that could sing lullabies to a baby and he is backed by sounds that could raise a student at seven o’clock in the morning, and they pull it off. It is awesome.

For some reason when the album first came out I dismissed Chapel Club as being boring. I’m not quite sure how this happened. The most likely reason is that my Dad also really likes them, and he normally likes bands that have a dreary singer. Chapel Club are not boring, not in any shape or form. I saw them at Latitude festival this summer, and that 45 minute set was probably the best musical three-quarters of an hour of my life. They were brilliant. They will be releasing an album in the New Year and that will be supported with a tour. I would pay quite a bit of money to go to some of their gigs, and I’m a broke fifteen year old, so that is saying something.

At the moment my favourite song is called ‘Five Trees’. It was their second single, released in 2010. There is something about the song that stands out to me. An un-quantifiable aspect of a group of sound-waves that is quite literally: music to my ears.


One thought on “Chapel Club: The Thoughts of A Religious Fan

  1. Thank you for that, it’s so lovely. I wanted to call the album Universal Lullaby. I’m drunk but someone showed me this little write-up and it has made my day. X L

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