Its All Under Control

You may have noticed a new theme on the blog, I got a bit bored off the old one and I did not really like the look. This theme is a lot cleaner and I prefer the layout.

At the moment I am really digging a band called Cloud Control. They are an Australian indie four piece. I have seen them live twice this year and did an interview with the drummer and bass player in my alter-ego as a radio presenter. They released their debut album in the UK this year, it is called ‘Bliss Release’. I don’t think there is a bad song on the album, at the moment my favourite songs are ‘Gold Canary’ and ‘Ghost Story’. Their music is easily recognisable, one of the main reasons being that the lead singer, Alister, has a rather distinctive voice. They are currently touring with The Drums

The first song of theirs that I heard was ‘There Is Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight’, it is such a good song with a strong beat and a nice chorus. For some reason I love the guitar sound, it is just amazing. They have a really fresh sound, full of rich tones and some quality vocals.

Another song I thought I should talk about is ‘This Is What I Said’. It probably had my favourite lyrics on the album as well as being one of the best live tracks. It is such a good song to dance to, not that the rest are not but it just sounds like a happy song. I am listening to it now and I have a stupid grin on my face because the song makes me so happy, I’m just that sort of guy. The song below is called ‘Gold Canary’ and it has a cool video.


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