Veronica Falls: Worth Killing Yourself For

Before I start writing properly I just thought I should point out I am not encouraging you to kill yourself, the title just refers to the song that this post is about.

I recently stumbled upon a band called ‘Veronica Falls’ to find that the rest of the world had found them before me. This surprised me as I normally regard myself as having my finger on the pulse of indie music, and on a few times of high self confidence I thought I may be part of the pulse due to the amount of gigs I was going to and the amount of interviews I was doing, but it seems like on this occasion I had taken my finger off the pulse for a little bit. I am finding more and more that I may not actually know as much about new music as I had previously thought.

In the past I haven’t known anyone, apart from the rest of my family, who liked good indie music but now I have joined Twitter and I have been speaking to people who also like the music I like. I am so happy with all the bands I am being recommended but more and more I am thinking that I may not be quite as on the pulse I had previously thought. Now I have sworn to try and find good bands for myself before NME and the rest of the indie music media recommends them. This is quite a challenge seeing that I am still in school and have no means of transport. I also live in one of the least musical areas of the UK but that won’t stop me.

Back to the band, I have only had a proper listen to one song but they sound very good. The song that I am addicted to is called ‘Beachy Head’, a place well known for people ending their drab and miserable lives by jumping off the cliff. I am rather sure that this song would have made their lives better. It is a face paced guitar driven song with rather repetitive but catchy lyrics. They have a good harmony and all the four band members seem to do the harmonising resulting in a nicely layered song. This is then topped off by a beat you can tap your foot to and a good underlying snare drum sound. I just wonder how long I will be addicted to it for. Have a listen to the song and let me know what you think. I will try and find some new bands for next time.


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