Big Deal, Quite Literally

I haven’t written a review for the Josh T Pearson gig that I said I would do. I have trouble describing music, not a great help to someone who wants to become a music journalist. I like music and music basically forms my personality but I still have trouble putting my love into words. Every description I think normally involves an adjective that begins with an ‘a’. If you read my posts you will notice it.

To make up for my rather shocking effort I thought I would post about a band called Big Deal. I can’t really find words to describe them apart from a long and slightly boring list of opinions. Let me put it this way: I like them and if you like my taste then you will like Big Deal, well probably, it doesn’t always work like that. Their music probably falls under the indie rock genre but they also have some softer, more indie folk style, stuff, one example being the song ‘Homework’.

A quick search on the good old internet revealed little that I didn’t know or couldn’t already guess: they are a duo and they have one album released called Lights Out. I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look at the video I have posted below but I love the song. Most of their songs feature rather heartfelt lyrics, I don’t really know what that means but it sounds right, and are topped with a effective combination of both electric and acoustic guitars, it is like an emotional acoustic sound with a little anger and depth from the electric.

What you just read was my attempt at saying something intelligent about music. I’m not massively happy but it is a start. Just listen to the song below and make your own mind up.


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