Dancing Today

I really like a band called ‘Those Dancing Days’. I was only introduced to them yesterday and already sort of obsessed. I have a problem that I think most music lovers have; when I like a band I play them to the death, non-stop repeat of the song or album. I get this problem all the time and it is really annoying because I can never think of what to listen to apart from three or four bands that I am obsessed with. I know that ‘Those Dancing Days’ will be the next band that I will listen to all the time.

The song I have posted below is called “Fuckarias” and it awesome. The guitar sound reminds me of ‘Wolfmother’ and their music is really energizing. It is like drinking three cans of Relentless and then prancing around your room like a nutter, or maybe that just me. They are a five piece indie rock girl band, with a cool synthy sound and an insane drummer. It is impossible not to tap your foot along. I’m sorry if I get you addicted to them, but they are really good.


One last note while I am still writing. During the course of writing this post I started to listen to a band called ‘Evening Hymns’. They sound good; I wouldn’t be surprised if my next post is about them. The only song of theirs I have heard so far is ‘Dead Dear’, check it out.


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