New Blog, First Post: Wye Oak

Hi Everyone, I’m Jacob, you can read more about me in the about page at the top, and this is my new blog. Watch this space and subscribe at the bottom to keep up with my various rambles about music. I will try and keep the site regularly updated.

Now for my first post, to start off my blog I thought I would write about someone that is quite new to me, so I picked a band called Wye Oak. They are from Baltimore and are sort indie rock with a bit of folk and pop mixed in. To put it simply they are awesome.

I first found out about them while watching a 2:54 video on YouTube and one of their songs popped up in the corner, it was love at first sight, if you don’t mind me using a cliché. I really like the song I have posted bellow called ‘Holy Holy’; it reminds me of Blood Red Shoes and The Joy Formidable, both amazing bands. They played in London last night and they will be supporting The National and Local Natives these coming weeks.

You may of heard them before as one of their songs called ‘Civilian’ was featured in the advert for ‘The Walking Dead’, an American TV series about zombies that I won’t claim to have watched. I can’t really think of anything else to write, I can only emphasise the fact that they are immense, so I will stop writing now. Check one of their songs out below.



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